We have evolved to One Cygnet

Stepping into a new chapter…

The decision to reposition to Cygnet Digital reflects our commitment to adapting to the digital age. With digital offerings becoming integral to our lives, we are reshaping our identity to lead in this era, ensuring that Cygnetians, Customers, Communities, and Partners are always at the forefront of digital innovation.

Our redefined identity embodies our ambitious vision: 4X growth and best-in-class customer centricity expanding the Cygnet family internationally and coming together as One Cygnet.

Cygnet Digital’s transformation is aligned with the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our commitment to Cygnet COSMOS, an innovative collaborative framework, symbolizes our dedication to empowering businesses with advanced digital services, enhanced Tax transformation, and cutting-edge Finance transformation solutions. Our unwavering commitment to social impact remains intact, with 10% of our profits dedicated to fueling digital education initiatives.

What’s in it for Customers

Customers will benefit from a unified and consistent brand experience and integrated value propositions that address business problems across business, intelligence, and experience transformation. Cygnet Digital offers a one-stop shop for products and services that map the end-to-end customer digital evolution journey, ensuring a seamless experience while improving efficiency.

What’s in it for Cygnetians

Our evolution to Cygnet Digital will open up cross-opportunities for career growth across various products and services, encouraging knowledge-sharing and collaboration, and fostering an environment of employee excellence that drives innovation and growth. Collaboration and knowledge exchange between teams will be encouraged to lead to a better understanding of customer needs, improved product/service delivery, and more effective marketing and sales efforts.

What’s in it for Communities

livingthetrust.in is our platform for commitment towards communities. As part of this initiative, we pledge to dedicate 10% of our profits to digital education programs, demonstrating our commitment to giving back to the community by promoting digital literacy and education. In addition to that, we remain committed to other social impact initiatives, which may include environmental sustainability, community development, and philanthropic efforts, contributing to a better and connected future for all.

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