Our Swan

The swan in our logo represents the intangible aspects of our brand that are rooted in the Indian civilizational knowledge systems. The swan is considered to be a carrier of knowledge.

It is believed that swans can separate milk from water, नीरक्षीरविवेक (Neerksheervivek), which represents the ability to bring out the pure essence of something whilst leaving the rest aside. Swans are also said to be committed lifelong to one partner. Our brand and our people take inspiration from these aspects of knowledge, discernment, and fidelity to build lasting relationships, with our clients and other stakeholders, that drive value.

our swan

The swan in our logo comprises of five strokes. These strokes represent the five primordial cosmic elements, the पंच महाभूत (Panch Mahabhut) as understood by Indian knowledge systems. वायु (Vayu or air) represents mobility and the flow of energy. जल (Jal or water) represents freedom and creativity. पृथ्वी (Prithvi or earth) represents patience and stability. अग्नि (Agni or fire) represents passion and speed. आकाश (Aakash or space) represents the subtle holding capacity within which creation can occur. Our brand and our people imbibe these aspects in the way we conduct ourselves and our business.

Our Purpose

To gain a lifelong, trusting customer who sees us as a partner.

Our Promise

Cygnet Infotech is a trusted partner that designs, builds, optimizes, and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that transform businesses.

Ahmedabad - Our Inspiration

Our roots lie in Ahmedabad, India, but we touch lives across the globe. Although Ahmedabad is a bustling metropoliton with reputed institutes and a rapidly growing economy, it is also deeply rooted in tradition.

We take our free flowing energy from the river Sabarmati on the bank of which one of the many residences of Mahatma Gandhi — the Sabarmati Ashram lies.

The Jali of Sidi Saiyed, the unofficial symbol of city of Ahmedabad, has inspired us to grow and flourish into something complex yet beautiful.

The Jhulta Minara (shaking minarets) teach us balance and stability to withstand situations.

Other iconic monuments like the Bhadra Fort and Hutheesing Temple remind us of our rich culture and history and help us stay connected to our roots in whatever we do.

Cygnet Infotech is proud to call this beautiful city it’s home.

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