Cygnet Infotech Tops the Cloud Testing Market – 2019

  • By Pune, India
  • February 25, 2019
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Cygnet Infotech has been identified as an elite competitor in the cloud testing market. The news has been released in a comprehensive Cloud Testing Market 2019 report by 360 Market Updates that include market trends, top companies, application, growth factors, development and forecast till 2023.

Cygnet has been pioneering several pathbreaking initiatives in the cloud testing space using cloud infrastructure for software testing. The company has emerged as a guiding force for enterprises marred with challenges such as budget constraints, tight deadlines, rising cost, diverse geographical distribution and limited or no reusability of test cases.

With rapidly maturing cloud infrastructure and pressing demands for effective testing services, cloud testing is the way forward as it provides unlimited storage, anytime – anywhere access of the cloud infrastructure. In addition, availability, scalability and flexibility to use the distributed testing environments radically minimizes the test execution cycle of the enterprise applications; thus, leading to significant cost savings.   

Cygnet provides superlative testing services that ensure delivery of top-notch solutions to its clients in 35 countries. It excels in agile and automated testing. It has its own enterprise-class test automation wizard, TestingWhiz. On partnering with Cygnet, businesses can reap the following value benefits:

  • 30% reduction in costs due to the reusable components and frameworks
  • 2× improvement in quality by employing robust tools and testing principles
  • 20% reduction in the testing time since the impact analysis is performed before every regression to keep the unaffected areas at bay from the testing cycle

To know more about Cygnet’s testing capabilities or about TestingWhiz, please drop us an email on, or directly call us on +1-609-245-0971.

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